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July 15 2013

1090 38df
diamonds, gold, rings

Image size: 500x375
7840 8cfe
blazer, bracelets, blouse

Image size: 700x467
7841 8c34
couple, cute, gauges

Image size: 640x960

July 14 2013

1058 e409
outfit, girl, bracelets

Image size: 500x333

July 07 2013

4922 3dba
Hot, beauty, bracelet

Image size: 403x403
4923 998b
beautiful, cool, fashion

Image size: 500x500
8510 6b95
Polyvore, bag, bag fringes

Image size: 600x600
9824 fc36
cute, tattoo, things on my wishlist

Image size: 500x333

July 06 2013

4206 c9ef
cool, cute, dress

Image size: 500x333
4208 e3e5
cool, cute, dress

Image size: 500x500
5394 9198
blaze, blue, boy

Image size: 500x401
5150 ad09
Hot, beautiful, black

Image size: 550x722
5152 5f44
boy, girl, kiss

Image size: 500x500
5153 446f
Hot, beautiful, black

Image size: 530x696
5154 9b39
boy, flowers, girl

Image size: 500x333
5155 bcb4
Hot, amor, bite

Image size: 612x612
5156 582d
adorable, background, bird

Image size: 500x500
5157 76ac
Dream, French Fries, Hot

Image size: 500x667
5158 88eb
Hot, boy, channing tatum

Image size: 500x500
2931 67cb
Hot, adorable, amazing

Image size: 500x700
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